Queen or Family room + en-suite shower

Ref: Room 4

Queen bed (2 adults) + bunk bed (2 kids)… ala B&B – but at half the price!

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Twin or Family room + en-suite shower

Ref: Room 12

Private room for a couple. Room 4 onto pool area, Room 12 quiet backroom.

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Twin room with shower en-suite

Ref: Room 1

Quiet room with own shower and ample cupboard space … for a longer stay…ala B&B but half the price.

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Queen Double Room – Share bathroom

Ref: Room 3

In the quieter part of the house, has lagoon views and easy access to wide verandah (for sundowner and breakfast spot).

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Twin Double Rooms – Share bathroom

Ref: Room 6 & Room 7

In the more spacious part of the house, with lagoon views from the large bedroom windows.

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Bunk Bed Rooms – Share bathroom (2 people)

Ref: Room 8 & Room 9

Perfect for the ladies, or 2 friends traveling together, who prefer a bit of privacy. Both onto pool area.

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Dormitory – Bunkbed rooms – Share bathroom

Ref: Room 10 & Room 11

Great for a party of 4 people who want privacy at a good price.

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Dormatory with Bunks for 16 people + lockers and Share shower rooms

Ref: Room 14

Large spacious sky-lit room with balcony & views of Knysna Lagoon and swimming pool.

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